Monday, May 11, 2009


When I first started this course, I was one of those wide eyed bushy tailed teacher to be. I only knew a little about the education system. When I heard about an inner city/urban class, I thought to myself, it would not have a huge impact on the way I view the school system today. But throughout the semester, whether forced or whatever it might be, I did the readings and listened to people's points of views. It was rather interesting conversation as good points were made on the topic of the moment.

I think looking back on the project and also the walking tour, it gave me something more tangible. As I visited Newark and toured the schools, I just saw a different side of Newark than what I normally see, such as the airport. I went with a lot of stereotypes and negative stigmas. To my surprise there were a lot of good signs of change for the city. The project connected better when I saw Newark in person. I think in general actually visiting and driving around Newark helps bring some things into perspective.

It is disheartening to hear how broken the education system is, at the same time it is encouraging to read stories such the book Spectacular Things, that make you realize that there is always an opening for change. The children in urban communities are just as intelligent as any other child. They just need to be provided the opportunity. It will be interesting to see where I wind up as a teacher, but I will have more awareness and knowledge. I hope I can be a teacher that can make a difference.


  1. I am glad that you got the chance to see a different side of Newark (other than the airport). I will agree that it is disheartening to hear how broken the education system, but in time I think that it will change. I am just so overwhelmed that you have learned something about the inner city. As I have stated in the past I have learned lots about Newark and I actually live in the community. I have learned lots about my own community during this course. We have something in common!!

  2. I'm glad that this course has enabled you to see the educational system in a new way. I also have to agree with you about the effects that the inquiry project had on you. I too felt more connected to the community in my study when I did my walking observations of Union City, and I was also surprised at the positive changes the community has gone through. Just as the class has made changes in you and how you view the educational system, I really believe that you will have that type of impact on your students. Your desire to change things will lead you to great things as teacher and in life. Good luck!